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  • Designer: Gijs Papavoine

Introducing the Infinity coffee table, a stunning addition to the Infinity collection designed by Gijs Papavoine. With its strong lines and open design, this coffee table perfectly complements our existing Infinity range. Crafted with functionality in mind, it offers endless versatility and is easily insertable between the Infinity sofa elements or be used as a separate side table. Complete your space with the Infinity modular sofa, footstool and coffee table and experience the seamless blend of design.

W x D x H * Tabletop thickness  78 x 66 x 38 * 1,9 cm

Different sizes are possible. 

  • Oak
  • Brushed oak black lacquer
  • Walnut

Knots possible (max 10 cm) these are unfilled, optionally these can be filled with a black stone sealant.

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  • Old Glory - Infinity caps - 33 mm

RAL frames

  • RAL colour frames possible, please contact us for more information

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Gijs Papavoine

A strong
designer note

The designs from Gijs Papavoine are comfortable and contain a high level of decorum and class. Just like our Jolly. You immediately think: “that’s where I want to sit!” The designs from this designer are elegant and formal. Gijs Papavoine likes diagonal lines and slim silhouettes. He combines hollow and bold lines which end up in surprising forms. It needs to be simplistic and straightforward.