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Destination Design

Jess has in-house designers but also collaborates with a lot of well-known designers in the industry to create unique pieces of design furniture. The chemistry between Jess and Sven Dogs was instant, leading to a long-standing collaboration and the creation of the Curtis in 2022. This year, Jess is presenting two new designs to add to the Curtis family as well as a bunch of other new and exciting elements and fabrics to other collections. These new design pieces will be presented during Destination Design between the 22 and 24 January 2023. 

Jess has been expanding the collection and increasing customising possibilities for many years and this year is no different. Expanding the range with two new fabric collections - Verona and Milan. Both fabric collections contain six new shades, meaning a total of 12 new shades are being added to the list to pick from. The Verona consists of fabrics with warmer undertones, whilst Milan has cooler undertones. These colours are able to be ordered right away for both indoor and outdoor collections, these new shades provide an excellent addition to our current range of colours. 

The Infinity range, designed by Gijs Papavoine, is also being expanded with a new chaise longue element and a wooden table element. This table is multifunctional, finding a home in different settings. The table can be used as part of the sofa by inserting it between existing Infinity elements or used as a separate coffee table and measures 90 x 40cm. There is also a new chaise longue Infinity element that measures 180 x 90cm. Maarten van de Goor, Director at Jess, is equally thrilled about the extra element being added to this collection: “Working with Gijs Papavoine is always great, and taking part in the creative designing process is very special. The possibilities truly are infinite when it comes to our Infinity. This modular design fits in every space and is customisable from the frames to the fabric and leather, all elements can be adjusted to fit your style and space.” 

Not only the Infinity family is being expanded, but our Curtis family is also growing. Last year, Jess collaborated with the renowned Sven Dogs Design Studio. As a result of this collaboration Sven Dogs and Jess introduced the Curtis. A sleek, simplistic and soft design befitting any room, it has striking seams and can be recognised by its fascinating curves. It can be used as a dining room chair, desk chair, vanity chair or as an addition to another room. At Jess, we aim to create families of design furniture to emphasise a sense of cohesiveness in any space. This collaboration with Sven Dogs continued to create the Curtis dining bench as well as the Curtis lounge chair. Both designs are equally as exciting and comfortable additions to your home. 

About Sven Dogs 
Sven Dogs Design Studio, based in Vienna, is still managed by Sven Dogs to this day. From the first sketch to the creation and development process, Sven Dogs focuses his work on continuous and intensive cooperation with local and global companies. With innovative ideas, liveliness and willingness to experiment, he transfers his concepts into products, spaces and experiences.

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