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Eersel - Netherlands

De Keizer Eersel

Let’s go back in time. Around three years ago, design furniture of Jess Design got a prominent place within the interior design of restaurant ‘De Keizer’ in Eersel. The restaurant serves, according to their own information, food which mostly consists local products, but often with international flavors. You can take a seat inside, but it’s also possible to sit in the conservatory and veranda close to a fireplace. The restaurant close to Eindhoven is therefore a beautiful location where you’re able to enjoy each other and the best food on the menu.

De Keizer and Jess

Together with van Beek & Dings we took care of the fact that the interior design suits perfectly the atmosphere the restaurant wants to create. Therefore. you can find the Sanne, Earl and Forward inside of the restaurant. 

The brown colors of the design seatings blend in nicely with the rest of the natural colors and elements inside of the restaurant. Given the fact that the interior design of the restaurant happened some time ago, we can consider this a real trip down memory lane. However, this doesn’t make us less proud. It’s the contrary!


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