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Salies de Béarn - France

Le Chalet Salies

In het southwest of France, right in front of the French border and West of Pau, is a village called Salies-de-Béarn located. With its 5000 inhabitants, it is a relatively small village, but that doesn’t make it less charming. Moreover, the village is situated right next to the A64 highway, and therefore it could be known to people who travel through the region more often.

Wine bar Le Chalet Salies

Right in the centre of the village, ‘Le Chalet Salies’ can be found. This wine was established this year, and above all it is situated in an absolutely stunning accommodation. The pictures of the building in combination with Jess-furniture results in great photos. You can see the My Home couches, Forward chair, Earl and the Micasa chair for example. The pictures will tell you the rest of the story..

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