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On the edge of national park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’ is Restaurant Planken Wambuis situated. The restaurant describes itself as ‘a nostalgic guest-house in a modern jacket’. After a long day of enjoying nature, you can immerse yourself at Planken Wambuis in the natural charms of the restaurant. People who went for a walk or a bike-ride can enjoy a good glass of wine, a nice cup of coffee in combination with the tasteful menu, which mainly consists of local products. And be honest, what’s better than relaxing close to a fireplace in Jess Design chairs after a long day in the nature?

Planken Wambuis and Jess

The best thing about the Jess Design seatings that can be found at Planken Wambuis, is that they turned even more beautiful throughout its stay at the restaurant. Because of its natural material and the fact that the chairs are used very frequently, the Irving and Micasa armchair got an ever better character.

Raw, tough and natural seatings in combination with the great interior design of Planken Wambuis, which consists of natural materials and colors, result in a fantastic ambience. To top it off: You can even charge your electric bike, which you just used to cross through the Hoge Veluwe, for free in front of the restaurant!

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