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Chipollino Astana Russia 15
Severny - Astana

A mix of colors

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, and with its 850.000 inhabitants, it is a fairly large city. Despite the fact that the city is located in quite a remote area, it has gained popularity throughout recent years. It has an older as well as a newer city centre and some impressive buildings to top it off. Severy is located in the more modern part of the city, a restaurant with a diverse kitchen. Jess can nowadays be found in the restaurant, which results in some great images.

Severny and Jess

Inside the restaurant, the Earl in different variations can be found, but also the Marquess, Howard and the Norman bar stool have found a spot inside the interior design of the restaurant. It resulted in a great mix of natural colours and sometimes, photos say more than a thousand words.

Chipollino Astana Russia 14

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