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Kiel - Germany

Me and All Hotel

Recently we did this beautiful project at Me and All Hotel in Kiel, Duitsland together with Genesis Procurement. This hotel is a Greensign Level 4 hotel, where sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection are actively lived and maintained. They use 100% natural energy as well. They combine urban gardening, high-end technology, solid wood and fine design in raw shipyard style. The ships literally leave right next door. How cool!

You’ll find a couple of our Vasa seats and fauteuils, Earl fauteuil and Beal fauteuil at this hotel.


Due to sustainability, the Me and All Hotel and Jess are the perfect match. We are deeply committed to improving the environment through sustainable business practices, therefore we’re licensed as a certified company that maintains the highest standards in corporate social responsibility. All our designs are available in different kind of natural materials, and nothing is ever thrown out. We use residual materials to make new designs. The Me and All Hotel and her norms and values connect seamlessly with the Jess entrepreneurship. We’re very proud of this beautiful project!

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